Our Philosophy

Four Phases

Our team at Guiding Hands Healthcare have learned over the years that there are simply four primary causes of mental health concerns, alcoholism, and addiction.  

1. False Belief Systems  

2. Past Unreconciled Events 

3. Unhealthy Coping Skills  

4. Chemical Imbalances 

Once those causes are discovered in an individual, with proper treatment, that person can overcome their battle against mental health challenges and substance use disorders to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.  Because no matter what walk of life, what race, or what ethnic or social class you may be from, addiction and mental health concerns do NOT discriminate: they affect us all, whether you are the addict, the family member, or a loved one of the addicts.


 With the assistance of the team at Guiding Hands Healthcare’s, “Repair, Rebuild, Recover” (TM) program, thousands of people worldwide have been able to end a cycle of addiction and mental health concerns. They have gone deeper to heal underlying causes.

 As a result, Guiding Hands Healthcare runs a thriving organization, inspiring change, and transformation in people who want to be free of Substance Abuse difficulties and Mental Health concerns. With their combined knowledge, our Guiding Hands Healthcare team understands that there are four primary causes of Mental Health and Substance abuse concerns. Once those causes are identified in an individual, with proper treatment and care, they can overcome their battle against difficulties and live fulfilling and meaningful lives. Because no matter what walk of life you come from, affluent or not, Mental Health and Addiction do NOT discriminate.




If you're going to tell a story about your life, make it a good one, because whatever you say goes.

Guiding Hands Healthcare

The team at Guiding Hands Healthcare focuses on healing the underlying conditions that create mental health concerns or that produce drug and alcohol addiction. The team specializes in obtaining a high participation rate by utilizing an individualized program and concentrating on crisis stabilization, while offering superior state-of-the-art curriculums that keep your clients engaged and enthusiastic about healing. The team does this by encouraging groups and individuals to accelerate and thrive through mental focus, emotional intelligence, and physical movement. The treatment philosophy at GHH sets us apart from all other facilitation teams: we choose to empower and heal clients’ underlying conditions and belief systems while supplying tools so they can sustain new life as productive members of society. 

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Guiding Hands Healthcare has over 60 programs we can offer your facility. In addition, each of the facilitators are deeply familiar with the treatment process, making them relatable to the clients. The mission of GHH is aimed at creating and sustaining productive members of society, along with helping clients accelerate and thrive through mental focus, emotional intelligence, and physical movement. Our team is passionate about expanding our programs throughout southern Orange County, and, as a result of the top-quality care and service which allows us to break down barriers to recovery, we have extremely high participation and satisfaction rates.

We work with over 50 Addiction and Dual Diagnosis facilities, including Simply Recovery with the First Responders Unit, True Recovery, D’Amore, California Prime, Seaside, Hillside, Gratitude Lodge, and Beachside Recovery to name a few.

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