Guiding Hands Healthcare stands at the forefront of not only mental health and addiction programs; we also engage in outreach presentations for Corporations, Schools, First Responder Programs, and more.

With Guiding Hands Healthcare… The problem ends here!

Richie Mintz – Director of Operations – Gratitude Lodge 

As the director of operations here at gratitude lodge, I wanted to thank guiding hands healthcare for all their services. We struggle with group facilitators showing up on time or even coming at all. With Guiding Hands Healthcare, we can guarantee that they’ll be here have a high participation rate, and we just highly recommend working with them.

Tiffany Atalla – Hernandez – Clinical Director of First Responder Wellness

As clinical director of First Responder Wellness, I am genuinely grateful for Guiding Hands Healthcare. They have been excellent at working with our clients who are healing from different mental health disorders, substance use issues, and post-traumatic stress injuries.  The myriad of groups they offer is excellent.  They teach mindfulness; they teach breathwork and so many other groups. I highly recommend that you check out working with Guiding Hands Healthcare.

Stephanie Deutsch

As the Sunsets Recovery Center for Women program director, I know my girls are in excellent hands with Guiding Hands Healthcare. They’re very passionate about what they do, they arrive on time, and they’re ready to kind of take over for the whole hour or hour and a half. For me, that’s super pivotal because if my girls don’t feel a connection, you’ll lose them for the rest of the day, so I really value that their group is interactive and keeps our clients engaged every time.

Chris Logan – First Responder Wellness

At First Responder Wellness, we treat first responders for PTSD and addiction. We have done that by partnering up with Kimberly Lou and Guiding Hands Healthcare to help provide services for first responders.  One of the things we know about first responders and their ability to take on stressful situations is that they often take on way too much. Guiding Hands Healthcare has been able to help them reduce stress by accessing different parts of their brain and teaching them to connect with different parts of their body.

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