Meet Our Team

Albert Perez: SUDCC II

Albert Perez is a Substance Use Disorder Certified Counselor. He has worked in the Drug and Alcohol Treatment field since 2012 as a contractor employee with the Orange County Health Care Agency. Albert has a passion for helping those who suffer from chemical dependency. 

Over the years, he has served many clients and witnessed them turn their lives around from drug addiction to a meaningful life. Albert used to suffer from chemical dependency, but after receiving treatment, he has been sober since 2008. Having a past of addiction and experiencing treatment first-hand has allowed him to connect well with clients. He has learned so much in his recovery journey and is eager to pass it along to as many as possible.

“I’m so excited to be on board with Guiding Hands Healthcare. I believe this organization provides excellent service and genuinely cares for the population that we serve.”

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