Meet Our Team

Andrea Barrero: Executive Director

Andrea Barrero is a certified RADT practitioner with extensive experience in customer service and operations. Over the past 7 years, she has consistently delivered high-quality satisfaction, retention, and exceptional customer experiences. With two Associate’s Degrees in Business and Architecture, Andrea is dedicated to inspiring others and providing top-notch service. 

Having a deep compassion for individuals navigating life’s challenges and transitions, Andrea considers it a privilege to assist those seeking support through art. She has received training in utilizing the creative process to explore the conscious and unconscious realms, uncovering emotions and experiences that defy verbal expression. With its emphasis on the process and materials, art therapy doesn’t require any artistic skill or prior experience. 

Andrea fosters a non-judgmental environment where individuals can safely process their thoughts and feelings, encouraging them to embrace imperfections with courage. To practice self-care, Andrea enjoys spending time outdoors alongside her loved ones and her furry companion, Koa. She enjoys practicing yoga, soaking up the sun at the beach, reading, and traveling the world.

“Being a part of Guiding Hands Healthcare has provided me with the privilege of offering compassion, inspiring hope, and teaching others the necessary skills to overcome their current circumstances. They teach you the essential skills needed for the field, but they also provide support every step of the way. I feel like I am home.”

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