Meet Our Team

Doc: PsyD

Dr. Pennington takes a new approach to working with individuals.  He starts with connecting with you to see if the two of you can relate. He recognizes that with out a foundation therapy will go nowhere. He thinks of therapy as a two way street. You have your area of expertise yourself and he has his area of expertise his radical self. Together you will teach one another.   

Therapy is an experience where we learn how to increase our being with our body, mind and spirit. We work toward integration and becoming whole again. Therapy is about becoming real with your self and learning to trust yourself again. Dr. Pennington has the skills, knowledge and awareness to  walk you through your journey until you are ready to stand on your own.

Dr. Pennington  has worked therapeutically with people for over 40 years with the last 24 years working in dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment. He brings his educational experience to therapy along with his personal knowledge of addiction with 26 years of recovery.

“I’m so grateful to work for Guiding Hands Healthcare! It gives me the space to do what I am passionate about and work for a team that cares.”

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