Meet Our Team

Stephanie Hakim: HR

Stephanie Hakim has been a part of the behavioral health/health care field for nearly the last decade in almost every department, putting client/patient care first in all she does. This has allowed Stephanie the unique opportunity to see the hard work, dedication, and love a person must possess to care for those individuals we serve properly and how quickly organizations can lose good people from the lack of support they provide, not taking care of those taking care of the caretakers. (Medical/Behavioral)

Stephanie understands through and through what is necessary to onboard and search for the right individuals that match our mission and values, but how equally important it is to have a safe, supportive place where those individuals feel heard, respected, supported, and valued, and that starts at the top. Here at Guiding With Care, Stephanie makes it a point to be a safe space for employees and contractors alike to come with any issues, questions, or concerns, even just to talk and know that they are always supported and in real-time, with no judgment, just love. Our people matter as much as those that they serve. That is Stephanie’s beliefs and core values and why she chooses to be part of such an amazing team that shares the same “family feel” from CEOs to our team members.

“Guiding Hands Healthcare is incredible! The workplace culture offers what I’ve been missing over the past few years. I’m excited to be part of the team.”

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